In this weeks episode of the podcast we had a chance to sit down and talk with Larry Lohrman. Larry is the found of the PFRE | Photography For Real Estate Blog.

Larry has spend over a decade building this into the go-to blog for information on anything and everything real estate photography related.  From lenses to business and marketing, his blog has it all.  He also allows people to ask questions which has been the inspiration behind our Ask The Guys feature.

Larry also runs monthly contests for photos and videos so be sure to check those out, and check out his Flickr group, which is invaluable for learning, critiquing and being part of the community.

It was great chatting with Larry and this is a must-listen episode from a legend in the industry.

PFRE Website:

Monthly Contests:

PFRE Flickr Group:

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One comment on “Episode 8 – Larry Lohrman Interview – Founder of Photography For Real Estate Blog

  1. Really interesting chat guys. Never heard the great man speak before! Plus one from me on the benefits of PFRE as a learning resource and as ever thanks to Larry for all the effort he puts in. I’ve been part of the PFRE community for a few years now and have learnt huge amounts about both stills and video RE techniques.