We have gone too long without a full episode devoted to real estate video, so we though it was about time we brought on Nick Swartzendruber from Drone Cowboys. Nick has led the way in establishing a goal which we should all look up to in real estate video. His use of aerials, gimbal movements and voice over has really enabled him to stand apart from his competition. So much so, that he recently released a tutorial all about real estate video.

The guys chatted about all aspects of real estate video including technique, tips, gear and more.

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We also recently announced a new real estate photography contract template that we have been working on with Rachel brink of The LawTog since the PFRE Conference in Las Vegas last November.  This contract template comes in a Word document so it’s fully customizable to your business model and jurisdiction. If you want to consider the template contact and get more info, click below:


Nick’s Video Talked About In This Episode:

Watch The Video Podcast Here:

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