This week we get a return visit from Matthew Stallone of Stallone Media, right outside of Toronto, Canada. We wanted to have Matthew back on the show after receiving last weeks Ask The Guys from Marcel Lecours on adding additional services to your offerings besides photography.  We felt we didn’t answer the question as in depth as we should have and Matthew is the perfect guest for this topic because he offers many services and has team members taking care of a lot of it for him.  Brian also offers many services but does them all himself and Rich recently started adding additional services.  We hope you enjoy our more in depth answer to last weeks Ask the Guys!

Links referenced in this episode:

Twilight Photography & Editing Webinar (20% off for the best week using code TWILIGHT2020)

Stallone Media Podcast

Instagram Images vs. Video Stats

Watch The Video Podcast Here:

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One comment on “Episode 93 – Matthew Stallone On Offering Several Services As Part Of A Team

  1. Luis Alvarez Jan 23, 2020

    Guys, this episode was really insightful! I really enjoyed the discussion about the future and trends of our business. Please, keep doing this wonderful job on creating these podcasts specifically dedicated to our industry.