`Happy 2020 everyone!! We are glad to be back after taking two weeks off for the holidays. We have a great episode this week with two special guests.  We speak with Fred Light and Zack Spross who are currently #1 and #2 respectively for all Zillow Certified Photographers. Fred Light owns Nashua Video Tours based out of the Boston, MA area and Zach Spores owns Photography by Spross in the Dallas, TX area.

Rich and Brian got to meet both Fred and Zach at the PFRE conference in Las Vegas in November and it was immediately obvious both needed to be on for an episode together. They discuss the industry, trends but most specifically the Zillow Certified Photographer program. How to become a part of it, the benefits and what to expect.

This is a great episode for anyone looking to up their game for 2020 and offer services that set you apart from your competition. Enjoy!!

Watch The Podcast Here:

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One comment on “Episode 91 – Fred Light & Zach Spross on The Zillow Certified Photographer Program

  1. Great podcast as usual, Rich and Brian.

    I have been doing a few 360 virtual tours and Zillow 3D Home Tours and have a question for Zach:

    What are your thoughts on the value of inserting hot links for navigating from room to room? I came away with the impression that you are uploading direct to Zillow during the shoot and not going back to add links. I find that they are a little cumbersome on Zillow’s 3D Home Tour but much easier on Cloud Pano. I’m considering not doing them on Zillow 3D Home Tours. Thanks.