After having Larry Lohrman, founder of PFRE on with us last week, we though it fitting to have the PFRE photographer of the year for 2017,

Aaron Krafty on with us. Aaron owns and operates Krafty Photos out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One of the best part of working in Jackson Hole, is that there are tons of vacation rentals, and Aaron takes advantage of that! Besides the awesome views he has to work with, his style is definitely unique and makes him stand out against his competition.

Listen as we dive into the industry n his market, his style and technique, and how he got started with PFRE, leading him to become 2017’s photographer of the year.

In this episode, we referenced the following images:

Aaron Kraft Architectural photography

Aaron Kraft Architectural photography

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3 comments on “Episode 10 – Aaron Kraft from Krafty Photos – PFRE Photographer Of The Year 2017

  1. Christopher vonfreymann May 29, 2018

    Love the podcasts. Very new to this. Tried looking up Fusion softwear. Any suggestions where to purchase this?

  2. Shooting Spaces Jun 4, 2018

    Are you referring to Enfuse? If so, you can find it here:

  3. Really enjoyed this podcast. In addition to find a new place for vacations, I learned also about photography insights. Just fLuisun!