In this weeks episode, we speak to Jordan Powers and Nick Swartzendruber about a new tutorial which was recently released: The Art of Real Estate Cinematography.  This new video tutorial takes a deep dive into shooting and editing real estate video.

Rich and Brian had a chance to preview this tutorial and they can assure you, it’s really comprehensive. Besides the actually shooting and editing process, the video goes into video terminology, business, pricing and even using Facebook for advertising.  It includes over 80 videos and 8 hours of footage.  If you’ve ever had a chance to see Nick’s video work, then you know it’s truly unique and here is your opportunity to learn from him directly.

Based on the average rates real estate videographers are getting, one job will pay this tutorial off, so it’s a no-brainer.  Best of all, the guys at The Art of Real Estate Cinematography were nice enough to offer all of our listeners 10% off the tutorial. Just click on the link below and the discount will automatically be applied. (**** You need to scroll to the bottom of the page to view the discounted rate. If you click “Enroll Now” on top the discount will NOT be applied***).

Real estate video is a great upsell to your current clients and a great way to maximize your value, while already on site!


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2 comments on “Episode 89 – The Art of Real Estate Cinematography Tutorial Release

  1. hello folks, you were talking about a price of almost $300 minus 10% discount – but on the course should cost $353.43.
    Am I on a wrong website there?
    Peter from Germany

  2. Shooting Spaces Jan 6, 2020

    The course is only $297 before discounts.