Fresh off the first ever PFRE Conference in Las Vegas last week, Rich and Brian chat about the conference, soup to nuts. They discuss everything from the hotel and showroom to the party and presentations. This conference was a huge success for the first ever and we are excited to see what’s inshore for year 2. Very big thanks to Brandon Cooper who had this small vision and made it a reality.  He worked extremely hard on this and deserves much praise.

Rich and Brian also go into each of the presenters and a few of the biggest take-aways from each. Definitely a must listen for those who couldn’t attend and a nice little recap for those who were there.

The following presenters were discussed in this episode:

Scott Hargis

Garey Gomez

Tony Colangelo

Nancy Smith

Mike Kelley

Rachel Brenke

Tony Roslund

Wayne Capili

Watch The Podcast Here:

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One comment on “Episode 87 – PFRE Conference Follow Up

  1. Hi guys, agree with just about everything you commented on. It was probably the best event I’ve ever attended in terms of the practical information I came away with in terms of my business, the party was great, the giveaways, the camaraderie. Kudos to all who were involved in the planning, the speakers, the vendors, etc. Just overall a great event, except: the one thing I and a number of others I spoke with were annoyed about for the entire couple of days was the cigarette smoke that was everywhere in the casino and lobby. It penetrated the showroom and the restaurants as well. I understand it’s a casino, with smoking and drinking a part of the experience, but as exciting as the venue was, the smoke was a huge downer. I don’t know if others were equally affected by it, but on the east coast, there is rarely a public place where people can smoke, so it was a bit of a shock to have to breathe smoke for two days. Fortunately, my hotel room was not affected. I hope when Brandon and his planning team debrief on this year’s conference, they take this into consideration when choosing the venue for the next PFRE Conference.