This week we get a chance to speak to Adam Taylor. Adam worked with us last month on our sold out webinar titles “How To Make Money Licensing Photos” and it was a huge success. Within the first two week we started hearing stories from photographers who started making money licensing their photos and made 10x their investment (only $39.95) within two weeks.

We wanted to bring on Adam because he has two very unique takes on the industry. The first is licensing your images as mentioned above. Adam goes into every shoot thinking about licensing opportunities and he talks about changing your mindset to think bigger on every shoots.

Adam also works on retainer with a local tile manufacturer. We wanted Adam to tell his story with this company because to date, we have not talked with anyone who has a retainer with an industry professional.  This is a incredible because it offers the best of both worlds: a great way to have the security of a paycheck and the flexibility of a freelancer.

We strongly recommend checking out Adam’s work along with the licensing webinar.

Licensing Webinar:

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