in this weeks episode, we speak with Kevin Klages. Kevin is the cofounder of Planitar which produces the iGUIDE. The iGUIDE is an incredible tool that helps create 3D virtual tours and immersive property floorplans.  Their floorpan are known for their reliability and laser-accurate room dimensions and square footage calculations.  Their user-interface is also incredible, allowing for a unique walk-through virtual tour interface and integration with the floorpan as you walk.

If you want to see a demo of an iGUIDE tour, please use the link below. It will tell you a little bit more about what iGuide has to offer as well as a demo tour.


Also, don’t forget to add Shooting Spaces in the referral sections at sign up/purchase. That will give you your first 3 Standard iGUIDE tours absolutely FREE.  Enjoy!!

Watch The Podcast Here:

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