In this weeks Ask The Guys, we tackle two different questions.

Megan, from Lake Havasu City

in Arizona asks about shooting with older gear and if you can get away with it. He uses an older Sony camera and wants to know what she’s missing out on by using the older camera.

Are second question comes from Greg Nowlin out of Colorado Springs, CO. He is new to the industry and asks about when it is appropriate to shoot a vertical shot. There are a lot of varying opinions on this for the real estate industry and Rich and Brian share thiers.

If you haven’t heard, we mentioned earlier that after the July 30th release, we will be taking a break with the podcast for several weeks to work on our own businesses as well as some other things we are trying to do. This will be the last Ask The Guys for now but definitely tune in July 30th as we will brining you Brand Cooper, from PFRE, to talk about the upcoming Real Estate photography conference in Las Vegas this November!

As always, feel free to watch the video of this podcast below:

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