In this weeks episode, we bring back Jordan Powers, a guest who has been on with us several months ago.  After receiving an Ask The Guys question about tiered pricing a few weeks ago, we didn’t feel we were comfortable giving enough information, given the fact that neither Rich or Brian have a tiered pricing system. Jordan does utilize tiered pricing, so we brought him on to discuss how he makes it work and some best practices.

To see an example of  how Jordan does his pricing, you can visit:

You can also visit Jordan’s YouTube page for  real estate photography business insight

As always, feel free to watch the video of this podcast below:

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2 comments on “Episode 76 – Jordan Powers on Having a Tiered Pricing System

  1. Another great podcast thanks guys! Rich I’m in the same boat as you with making anything over 5,000SF a custom quote. The way I explain the higher pricing is that even though I am delivering the same amount of images as a 2,000SF home (25 Images), there are many factors that are different such as…
    – Huge homes often sit on large properties which requires a lot more time to walk around the entire property to get exteriors, etc
    – Large sized homes typically have different features such as custom closets, media rooms, and very unique and custom designs. These rooms require much more care and attention. Shooting a dark movie theater room is not the same as a cookie cutter bedroom.
    – Even the little things such as turning on and off lights, opening blinds, trying to find the remote controls for the 30 fans, Intelligent lighting systems on iPads, etc etc. (I was in a home the other day that took me probably 30 minutes just to walk through the entire place turning lights off… lesson learned lol).
    – These homes require more luxury shooting methods. Marble surfaces, and huge windows showing lake and mountain views all require more care in both shooting and editing.

    So even though you may be offering a “per image” pricing structure… those 25 image will be captured and edited in a much different way than a small house would, not to mention all the other little items that pop with shooting those big mansion houses. The cost should be much different I feel. I absolutely agree as well that if the agent stands to make a major profit off a larger home, then the price should be higher, but if an agent asks why your price is a lot higher for that listing, I probably wouldn’t give that as the reason. I prefer to list the items above which do help them understand why it’s higher price.

    Just thought I’d add that in case it’s helpful. Always love listening to you guys keep up the great work! One day I’ll submit a question to ya! haha.

    Kind regards,
    Kevin King

  2. Shooting Spaces Jul 23, 2019

    Thanks for all that 🙂 Keep on listening!