This weeks episode features a repeat guest we had on back in March, Garey Gomez. Garey is an architectural photographer based out of the Atlanta area and a frequent contributor to PFRE.   A few weeks ago Garey wrote a 2-part article (link to both parts below) about window pulls and why they “Don’t Make Sense”.  The article got a ton of comments, both positive and negative so we felt it would be a great idea to bring him on.

Garey further explains his position and explains why he stands by the articles her wrote.  His hope in coming on was to shed some light onto his thought process, but remember, it is still coming from one specific photographers opinion and style.  We hope this interview sheds some light and better helps explain Garey’s position on this subject.

Part 1 of the Article

Part 2 of the Article

As always, feel free to watch the video of this podcast below:

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