In this weeks episode we speak with Devon Higgins. Devon is the Chief Marketing Officer at PhotoUp. PhotoUp is a real  estate photography image editing and virtual staging company.  PhotoUp offers a ton of great features for their customers and we decided to change up the platform a bit.  Since image outsourcing is a very debated topic, we decided to ask our listeners questions that they have for an image editing company, and we would let Devon answer them.  Our listeners provided us with some amazing questions and Devon does a great job at calming the fears of outsourcing.

It was also important to Rich and Brian that before we have on a representative from an image editing company, they both try the service.  Rich and Brian were both impressed and make sure you listen for their review.

Devon was also nice enough to make our listeners a special offer.  Listen through to the end of the episode for Devon’s offer.  To take advantage, you can use the following link:

Happy listening!!

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