This week we bring back an Ask The Guys question which we haven’t had for several weeks.  We also give

you a two for one since its been so long and we have two great questions.

The first one is From David Besnette out of Colorado and he asks about vacation time.  He never has a situation where he doesn’t have at least one shoot in a week so he’s curious how we go about juggling our vacation time along with shooting and running our business.

Our second questions comes from Michael Williams from Will Ventures Photography out of Southern California. Michael asks about finding time to be active in social media, real blogs, watch tutorials, etc. A lot of us work many hours a day and find it hard to put in time for “other things” that help our businesses. Listen how Rich and Brian handle it!

We also need some additional questions for future Ask The Guys so please send your questions using the record panel on the following page and we will be sure to try and get to it as soon as we can.

Ask The Guys



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