This week we speak with Andy Hayes from Palette Gear.  We first spoke to Andy back in October when Brian did a flash interview with him from PhotoPlus in NYC and we thought is would be great to have him back. Palette Gear sells customized modules to help make your Lightroom (or Premiere or Capture One) workflow quicker and more fluid.

From their early start on Kickstarter (where Brian first bought his) to now years later, with tons of modules and more ideas in the works, Palette has come a long way.

Andy was also nice enough to offer a FREE shipping coupon on any Palette Gear kit you purchase so be sure to listen to the end of the episode for the coupon code.  Best of all, they ship worldwide!! If you’re in a location that doesn’t have easy access to retailers like Amazon or B&H, we sure to take advantage of the coupon code.

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