This week we speak with Gary Kasl of SandKasl Imaging. Gary’s work is phenomenal and he has been making waves in the industry for his “Run and Gun” style for lower end shoots, where he completes his entire shoot and post-production within one hour.

Gary also recently won the PFRE Photographer of the Month for November 2018 with this incredible staircase image.  It was great to speak with Gary, learn a bit about his workflow and see what goes into his shoots. Also, Gary has an e-book and video tutorial available for purchase directly through his website.  Click here to view these products.

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One comment on “Episode 53 -Gary Kasl of SandKasl Imaging and PFRE Photographer Of The Month

  1. Levi Jansse Jan 23, 2019

    It would be great to have Gary Kasl come to the Midwest to do some workshops. I’m in Minnesota and have been looking for some workshops for real estate photography. I am just getting into real estate and would love to have a hands on experience.