It’s finally here. We have been teasing you for months about the next phase

in the evolution of our podcast and it’s finally here.  We are happy to announce the new

In an effort to expand on what we have grown with this podcast, we have to decided to bring a new website/blog to you, featuring articles written by others in the industry, who experience the same ups and down we all face every day.  We have assembled a nice collection of contributors (and we are always looking for more, please email us) who are going to write a few articles every month on a variety of different topics.  We already have articles written on business, gear, software, technique, inspiration and more!

We also have a variety of additional features on the new site, including coachingLightroom Presets (Rich’s presets are FINALLY available for the first time ever, marketing material and our own line of Real Estate Photography themes tees.

Be sure to listen to episode to get a more in depth idea of the new site, take a look around, and PLEASE give us some feedback (bad or good) on our ideas and any new ones you may have that we may be able to incorporate into the podcast or new site!

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One comment on “Episode 49- Big Announcement From Shooting Spaces

  1. Thanks for all your hard work. Merry Christmas