This weeks episode is quite unique compared to anything we’ve ever done before. As most of you know, last week was the Photo Plus Expo in New York City.  Brian, being from NY, was heading over there so we decided to try and bring some insight from some companies that real estate and architectural photographers can benefit from.  Brian only had about two hours to walk the trade show floor and not only explore new opportunities for his own business, but also bring some quality information to our listeners.

Brian was able to walk around and speak with four different companies that offer products that real estate photographers might be able to utilize now or in the future, once released.  He was able to record these conversations with these companies, to bring you some on location interviews. Rich and Brian then discuss these products and potential benefits in our industry.

This is a great listen for anyone interested in finding about some select companied that offer products to our industry.

Below are the companies Brian spoke with:

Palette Gear


V-Flat World      – – –       Use Coupon Code: VFWPPE2019 at checkout for $15 off your order.


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