In the episode of Ask The Guys we get a question from Keith Mitchell from Higher View Imaging  out of Texas. Keith ask two questions. The first is about HDR. Keith wants to know what HDR has such a bad reputation and if he should continue shooting that way if his client love it.  Rich and Brian both share their thoughts on HDR and the best way to approach it.  Keith’s second question is about Panasonic cameras. Rich and Brian and both Sony and Canon shooter, respectively, so there is only so much they can share about their opinion on Panasonic but it’s enlightening nevertheless.  Enjoy the episode!!

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One comment on “Episode 38 – Ask The Guys Volume 13 – HDR – Good or Bad?

  1. I was honored that you guys addressed my questions! I’m more aware now of how flash brings a truer color and can work with together with an ambient HDR shot, while also understanding that HDR can stand alone just fine if it is processed correctly and the customer is happy. I just upload my pictures and the company that hired me processes them. They must have some wizards because they do a great job. Rich, your answers about the Panasonic GH4 from your perspective as a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera owner were right on target for me. There are so many choices out there and knowing that you still shoot with your A6000, even after buying the A7iii, gives me confidence that I’m not missing the boat. Not sure if anyone else benefited but this show was very helpful for me!