In this weeks episode we get to chat with Scott DuBose out of San Jose, CA.  Scott has been in the industry for roughly 15 years and had managed to build his business to where he shoots around 900 homes annually.

Scott is the definition of combining efficient on-site shoot and editing, while still delivering that high quality his clients have come to expect. In under an hour, Scott can shoot and edit the home, and be on the road to the next one!  How does he do it?  Take a listen and find out! Enjoy!!

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4 comments on “Episode 37 – Scott DuBose – Combining Efficiency and Quality

  1. wow, his work is pretty awesome.

  2. Scott is a pretty awesome guy by the way. I think he has helped out quite a few aspiring real estate photographers besides myself.

  3. Mark Day Dec 22, 2018

    Really interesting listen – wish there was more meat on how to improve efficiency, other than practice, practice, practice. Newbies don’t have the luxury of multiple shoots to get the system down and done.

    He’s not shooting tethered, so assuming he returns to the camera prior to each exposure that’s super speedy work (and total confidence in his ability).

  4. Hi Mark and Mark and George… my method is basically flash/ambient using one flash. I don’t tether, yes I do chimp to see if the flash shot is what I want. Many times I trust my experience tells me the right flash power and camera settings, and for the most part, it works well. I shoot full frame, ISO400, aperture priority and adjust exposure to give me the best ambient and flash look for each frame. Bounce flash. Shoot with post processing in mind. I’ll walk the flash around, using a remote shutter release, and take all the flash shots I need. Post involves layering, masking myself out of shots, using lighten and darken blend mode to give me the look I want. Drop me an email any time with your questions. Scott