25 Episodes! Wow! It seems like we just started this and we are now 25 episodes in

, so we thought we would bring you special one. We decided to combine an Ask The Guys question, and bring on a special guest to discuss it!

We got this question from Harriet Andronikides of HA Photography out of Brooklyn, NY. Harriet is an architectural photographer and she asked about licensing and usage agreement, particularly when the fees are being split among different vendors.

We felt there is a lot more to the question and a lot more to learn about licensing and copyright to we decided bring on Jake Haskell. Jake is a partner at Arce Stark Law.  Arce Stark Law is based out of Washington DC and they specialize in copyright and license issues for artists to we felt is was the perfect opportunity to bring on this special guess to discuss.

If you have any specific questions for Jake, you can reach out to him directly at: jake@arcestarklaw.com

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2 comments on “Episode 25 – Ask The Guys Volume 8 – Copyright and Licensing with Copyright Attorney Jake Haskell

  1. Hi Rich & Bryan,

    Do you guys have a contract which you’d recommend I can send to my RE agents in Florida? Can you refer me to a site? Or should I really hire Jake, or another local attorney. Thank you!

    I want to structure my contract as I’m the owner, giving non-exclusive rights, and not a ‘work for hire,’ and they are only allowed to use the images/video for initial sale/listing of property and to not be shared with others.

  2. Shooting Spaces Jan 22, 2019

    Hey Gil, We are not attorneys obviously and don’t want to provide any sort of contract or legal document as I am sure you can understand. The best option is to speak to either Jake or any other attorney to get the best advice. Thanks for listening!