In this weeks episode of Ask The Guys, we have an incredible question from Thiago da Cuhna. Thiago is based out of the Dominican Republic and specializes in hotel photography in the Caribbean. His work is outstanding and definitely worth checking out! Thiago asks about backing up images, both locally and online. He talks about the problems he faces in Dominican Republic with internet speeds and what the best practices are for backing up.

Brian and Rich dive into their workflow and what works for them in regards to backing up. Brian also dives into a heart wrenching story in which he learned a valuable lesson.  Rich talks about using Mac’s Time Machine and Brian dives into his RAID 1 system.

If you want to learn more about Raids, you can read here.

This is a great new topic and we urge all listeners to develop their own backup system that works for them right away!!

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2 comments on “Episode 20 – Ask The Guys Volume 6 – Backups, Backups and More Backups

  1. Scott May 23, 2018

    Where is episode 20?

  2. Shooting Spaces May 28, 2018

    Scott, Thanks! Not sure what happened but should be fixed!