In this month’s episode, our third to last episode, we sit down with Shooting Spaces veteran Matthew Stallone from Stallone Media.  Matthew is crushing it on social media, both on Instagram and TikTok and not utilizes these platforms as a secondary way to make money with his agent clients.  We discuss what’s new in social media and what us, as real estate photographers, need to jump on to and start offering.  It was exciting talking to Matt again and we hope you like it as much as we did!

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One comment on “Episode 178 – Matthew Stallone from Stallone Media on Social Media for your Real Estate Photography Business

  1. This podcast hits the mark. The current trend is that as Instagram provides more editing capabilities (including automatic caption addition), realtors are sharing captivating videos and pictures with IG music. Now, I find myself pondering the boundary between our original content and realtors enhancing media with these new tools. Should we provide only raw material for real estate agents to edit using IG’s capabilities? Can we offer this service directly on IG for realtors who prefer not to invest time in editing? I would appreciate your thoughts and comments