We are back with Episode 2 of our new season (can we call this a new season?) and have a great one!

We sit down this week to discuss pricing.  Joining Rich and Brian and Peter Lyons who is a real estate and architectural photographer out of the San Fransisco are and Larry Arnal, a design photographer out of the Toronto area.

The guys start off by different ways to charge for real estate shoots, then they dive into higher-end designer and architectural shoots. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “Episode 170 – Pricing for Real Estate and Architecture/Design Shoot with Peter Lyons & Larry Arnal

  1. weel golly gee…Not hearing a word about “prices” as in dollars charged to clients by these guys. the title of this podcast does not match the talk all I ‘m hearing is process crap…
    next time if title says ‘pricing’ that means ‘the money’ to me.

  2. Shooting Spaces Mar 14, 2023

    Unfortunately, to say actual numbers its fairly irrelevant to anyone because there are so many factors to what numbers people should actually be charging including experience, value, location, style, etc.