This week Rich and Brian chat with David Young, Founder and CEO of Drone Launch Academy.
David’s story began with his interest in becoming a commercial airline pilot.  After getting his pilot’s license, his focus turned to the emerging commercial drone industry, as the Part 107 exam was about to be released.  David saw a need for a prep course to help the wave of individuals looking to get their license, and Drone Launch Academy was born.  Fast forward to the present, and Drone Launch Academy not only preps you for the exam, but has courses on mapping, 3D modeling, cinematography, and of course, real estate.  David will be partnering with Dom Wilkerson in presenting a workshop in advance of the 2022 PMRE conference, focusing on helping photographers learn to safely and profitably use drones for their real estate business.  Enjoy the episode!

Want to learn more about the workshop?  Check it out HERE.

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There are still seats available for Rich and Brian’s workshops at the PMRE Conference in Las Vegas this year.  To learn more about each workshop, click below:

Rich’s Residential Real Estate Photography Workshop

Brian’s Commercial Real Estate Photography Workshop

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One comment on “Episode 165 – David Young with Drone Launch Academy

  1. Cheryl Aug 10, 2022

    Excellent episode! I learned a lot of helpful information.