This week, Brian and Rich catch up with another PMRE 2022 presenter, Devon Pastorius with Windsor Real Estate Photography and Windsor Creative. Devon shares how he and his team have scaled their business to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of their clients.  Yes, they offer photography and other standard media products. However, they have grown into what is now a full service digital marketing powerhouse, taking great ideas, producing engaging content, and getting that content in front of the right audience.  They’ve produced property-centric music videos, challenging one take property tours and other creative projects that have succeeded in drawing the attention of new clients that also want to set their brand apart.  At the conference in November, Devon will share his story and how understanding your own value proposition can help you offer more to your current clients and catch the eye of future ones.  We are looking forward to it!

Oh, and here’s that awesome hip hop video, mentioned in the podcast.

Devon’s photography portfolio can also be found here.

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One comment on “Episode 163 – Devon Pastorius from Windsor Creative

  1. jackie Jul 26, 2022

    great presentation!