This weeks episode features the first Ask The Guys question of the new season. We received a question from George Shubin from Picture That Property  based out of Oregon City, OR.  George asks about how to deal with photographing a home where the homeowners are in the house. He want to know if there are best practices to try and get them out, if charging a fee is reasonable or the best way to approach the realtor about it.  This is a great first Ask The Guys question and we hope you enjoy the episode.

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One comment on “Episode 145 – Ask The Guys 53 – Dealing with Owner Occupants While Shooting

  1. Similar to Rich, I had more strict requirements during the peak of COVID. Before the pandemic and “after,” I always enjoy chatting with the agents and homeowners, but I set the expectation upfront by saying I don’t care if you follow me, but make sure you follow me and stay behind me, so you’re not in the image. If not, then I’ll have to ask you to go into another room, leave, or I’ll have to leave. And I say it most diplomatically. 😉

    As far as dealing with pissed rental tenants? After explaining to the tenant that I’m just doing my job, I shoot as is. If they’re in the way, I’ll have to inconvenience them again. Most times, they get it. They didn’t care a couple of times, and I charged the agent twice. 😉