We’re glad to be back and in this weeks episode, we feature Mike Boatman. Mike has done a series of articles recently for PFRE about his case against his local MLS violating photographers rights and we decided to have him on to talk about not only his case, but the rights photographers have with their images and best practices to protect themselves.

This was a great opening episode and we’re confident you’ll enjoy! Happy listening!!

Thanks again to all our listeners and guests for a wonderful season and be sure to show your appreciation by checking out our sponsors below.  See you next season!!

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2 comments on “Episode 131 – Mike Boatman and His Case Against His Local MLS

  1. Dean Bush Jul 11, 2021

    This was the most valuable, credible, and informative exchange of details of photography copyright. I will now feel comfortable in a discussion on copyright.

  2. Hey, where is the link to Mike’s newsletter??