This week we get to chat with an special guest. We spoke with Daniel Mudge who is the Photography Account Manager at Zillow. If you are currently a Zillow certified photography, you have definitely received emails from Daniel already, and if you aren’t, he is the guy to speak to about becoming Zillow certified.

The conversation covers the Zillow app, 360º options and Zillows new plans to roll out a floorpan platform, which is currently in Beta.  This is a great episode and if you are looking to expand your offerings and use the Zillow Certified as a marketing tool, this episode will definitely point you in the right direction. Enjoy!!

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2 comments on “Episode 122 -Daniel Mudge: Photography Account Manager at Zillow

  1. I’ve done approximately 60 360° tours using a Theta Z1. I always shoot them using the dual fisheye plugin in HDR DNG mode with 5 bracketed shots. It’s easy to edit them and correct the basic exposure and white balance. I host most of my tours on CloudPano or Kuula. I did shoot a home a couple months ago where the realtor requested that I do a Zillow Home Tour. The tour was very easy to shoot, but the photos were not up to my standards. The exposure and white balance were terrible because I had to shoot it as a jpeg with no ability to edit (damn yellow interior lights.). I was so embarrassed to put out such a bad product, I refused to charge the realtor for the tour. Luckily I did a second tour with my normal workflow which turned out nice. I always warn the realtor about how bad the Zillow tour is going to look and try to steer them away from it. I would love to offer a Zillow Home Tour that I’m able to edit and correct problems. Zillow also frustrates me because they will show a link to my CloudPano or Kuula tour, but they bury so far in the listing details that a buyer has to really look had to find it.

  2. That was a good podcast
    Enjoyed the conversation and knowledge