We are back this week with our first Ask The Guys of the season and we get a question from Nima Mohammadi. Nima has been on the show previously and he submitted a question about composition and more specifically, about finding the dominant line in the composition.

Since we always promise a professional when Rich and Brian are not quiet to answer themselves, they decided to bring on Tony Colangelo, also a Shooting Spaces veteran.  Besides being a great photographer and business coach, Tony also has a tutorial out title The Art & Science of Great Composition. Be Sure to check it out!

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One comment on “Episode 121 – Ask The Guys 46 – Discussing Composition with Tony Colangelo

  1. Erik rice Jan 2, 2021

    Thank you for all you do guys. I’m new to photography and RE is a love of mine. Don’t want change careers but would love to side hustle REP. If it grows so be it. You guys rock, you keep me motivated, and I keep learning and preparing, keep up the great work!!!