This week we speak to Kerry Bern. Kerry is located in Iowa and runs a full time real estate photography business.  Kerry is a big proponent on copyright and image registration. He registers all of his images and has won thousands in litigation and copyright infringement cases.

In the episode, Kerry discusses the copyright law, the importance of registration and some tips for preparing your images for registration.

Kerry was also nice enough to provide his documentation on how to prepare your images to register through the US Copyright office. You can Download Here.

Watch The Video Podcast Here:

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2 comments on “Episode 102 -Kerry Bern – Image Copyright and Registration

  1. Greg Busby Mar 27, 2020

    Thank you for putting this topic together for your podcast. I’m beginning my first registration now as the COVID-19 slow-down provides plenty of time to focus on the steps. Is there a different link to access Kerry’s Part 2 of instructions for registering? Thanks again!

  2. This is great stuff! Check it out!! And start registering photos for IP protection!