This week we have another Ask The Guys question from Holt Webb based out of Georgia.   Holt asks about traveling  for shoots. He brought up an interesting questions on what the value is for clients spending more money to send photographers on travel shoots versus finding someone locally.  At the time of the recording, Brian just got back form a recent travel shoot from Toronto so he had first hand experience with this and helped shed his insight.

Additionally, this episode was recorded several weeks ago before the situation we are all now facing with the Coronavirus. We want to wish all of our listeners their best; stay home, stay safe and we’ll all get through this before we know it!!

Watch The Video Podcast Here:

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One comment on “Episode 101 – Ask The Guys 39 – Travel Shooting and Why Clients Pay You To Travel

  1. Great answer guys. And it really cleared things up for me. You’re right. It’s all about the relationship. Thanks a million. 🙂