WOW! We can’t believe we are releasing Episode 100.   We never could have imagined when this little idea formulated a little over two years ago it would take off the way it has. We are so thankful to be able to come at you every week and try and help educate and entertain you with our silly sense of humor and knowledge we love sharing. We want to personally thank each and every one of our listeners, whether you’ve listened to every episode or one episode; you are what has made this possible.

For our 100th episode we wanted to do something special so we decided to have a roundtable discussion about the industry and we brought on 4  different guests who have all been on the podcast before and have led to some of our favorite discussions! We went into this with no agenda or plan and just decided to chat!  We hope you enjoy!!!

Guests on The Roundtable:

Wayne Capili – Interface Visual

Kristine Kohl – Kristine Kohl Photography

Dan Milstein – Daniel Milstein Photography

Sam Chen – Aloha Photo & Video


Watch The Video Podcast Here:

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