Wow!!!  We can’t believe it’s April 1st already! It’s been roughly a month since our last episode release so we decided to get together and release a bonus episode for everyone.  We recently sent out a survey to find out the Top 5 trends in Real Estate Photography for 2022 and the response was so overwhelming, we decided to make a short episode about it. Enjoy the episode and we will be back in June with regular scheduled episodes!

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11 comments on “APRIL FOOLS DAY EPISODE – Top 5 Trend in Real Estate Photography for 2022

  1. Loved it!! Good laugh. Need to fire some asshole clients!

  2. What!! Lower prices? I just raised my prices. Am I going to lose business now? Talking with other REPs around the country, it seems they agree to raising their prices. Who knows? Time will tell I guess.

  3. Hey thanks for the episode. Pretty interesting stuff. To be honest I don’t love the idea of photographers lowering prices en mass. Especially with inflation across the board. But if the price cuts can be done alongside time saving measures, then maybe it’s a way to add dusiness without adding hours to the work day. Can you share any more info about the photomatix flash ambient blending? I’ve been looking for info and can’t find any. It looks like their last release was photomatix 6 pro back in 2018?

  4. Lower my prices? That is crazy. The houses out here are going for over $100K more than asking price. And from what I hear it is like that everywhere, a housing shortage. The fuel costs, food costs, etc etc are crazy. I just raised my prices!!! And goodness, driving 1.5 hours somewhere and shoot and edit for $60? YIKES Whats up guys? And then talking about buying more gear? Don’t think so at $60 a house! Just had to put this out there because I got very aggravated after hearing this episode. I don’t think I ever felt so compelled to disagree with you guys before!
    OH WAIT – This is an April fools day joke, right?

  5. Why lower prices when agents are making a ton more, with less effort, given the huge increase in home prices. Lowering prices demeans the profession. Do not think that tradesman like plumbers, & appliance repair persons are lowering their prices. In fact, they charge nearly the price of a photo shoot just to show up at your house. Not to mention the cost of auto repair per hour.

  6. Sure hoping this really was an April Fools Day joke!!!

  7. Thomas Apr 2, 2022

    Ok …… you had me till I got to the $60 fee.
    I was like “ this whole episode is going against everything you guys have ever preached”. Good job! Has to be an April fools gag.

  8. James Apr 3, 2022

    Haha, very good guys 😂❤️

  9. Omg, I feel like I got Rick Rolled.

  10. Nick Porter May 16, 2022

    Got eem!

  11. Wait, so there isn’t a new Flambient feature in Photomatix…? There goes several hours of my life I’ll never get back. thanks…