In this weeks volume of Ask The Guys, we get an amazing question from Erich Mecherle of Erich Photo out of Tennessee. Erich is new to the Real Estate Photography game and he wants to know all about pricing. There are a ton of different pricing models you can utilize as a real estate photographer and Rich and Brian both dive into their differing models and even talk about some of the numbers they charge.

Make sure to listen towards the end when Rich has a new idea about new real estate photographers submitting their 6 month or one year stories of where they came from and where they are now in such a short time.  Listeners can submit their story through the Ask The Guys recording platform. Rich and Brian will listen to all the submissions and choose one or two photographers to bring on for an interview on the podcast. This is a great opportunity for a newer photographer to get their story out there.

Enjoy the episode!

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