This week we have the privilege of talking with Larry Arnal out of Toronto, Canada. Larry is an architectural and interior photographer but definitely specializes in work for interior designers and builder. Having a quick look at Larry’s portfolio, you will definitely notice the constant clean look he get and incredible colors he can reproduce.

The conversation covers gear, technique, marketing to designers and plenty more!! This a great interview and we have been trying to interview Larry for a few months now, and we’re excited it finally worked out!!

Check Out Larry’s Work:




As always, feel free to watch the video of this podcast below:

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One comment on “Episode 80 – Larry Arnal – Interior Design Photographer

  1. I really REALLY enjoyed this discussion. Thanks guys. Been “shooting spaces” about two years now, mostly builder spec homes, as a contract photographer for another company. They want me to try to get “at least three walls” in every shot. And the clients seem to love it. I usually squeeze into a corner and often have to shoot at 14mm. But I shoot the kitchens at 20 or more. I try to take each shot at the longest focal length possible. Your discussion today informs my thinking – I’m on the right track, but I still sometimes see a little distortion or living rooms that look like bowling alleys, so I have to be even more conscientious.
    The discussion about camera height was also interesting. I won’t worry so much about it now; however, when I’m outside and shooting uphill on a two-story house I still need to figure something out.